PerfecTress Hair Extension

The PerfecTress Transformation Connections are innovative, all-in-one hair extensions, in which the hair and application ring are built in one streamlined design. Transformation Connection is applied quickly to natural hair without the use of any heat, glue or weaving.

The great thing about these hair extensions is that they can be re-used for up to a year, providing you have had regular maintenance visits and you have cared for them correctly. The finished look is natural and beautiful. Our stylists can create that personalised look just for you with a wide range of colours and textures available.

No glue-No heat-No weaving means NO DAMAGE to natural hair
Unlike traditional micro-ring application there is no metal to hair contact
Transformation connections can be easily removed; there is no residue to wash out of hair and no need to purchase expensive removing fluid.

The ring at the top of each Transformation Connection limits the amount of natural hair that can be used to apply extension. The weight ratio is perfectly equal so you can only pull through hair which weights the same amount as hair extension.

This design feature prevents tension at the root and stops natural hair being put under pressure by heavy extensions at the root. Easy to maintain. All hair is genuine human cuticle Remy hair.