10% Student Discount (NUS Card)
Micro bonding extensions half head (hair included) from £150
Micro bonding full head (hair excluded) from £250
Weave-in European extensions rows from £20
Weave in Afro/Mixed race from £60
Dread locks full head from £120
Dread locks tidy-up & Wash from £60
Own hair plaits from £50
Corn row own hair from £35
Corn row with patterns from £40
Corn row with extensions from £45
Pick & drop braids from £80
West African braids – Ghana /Nigeria braids from £90
Removing extensions from £30
New PerfecTress Transformation Extensions by consultation
Brazilian Keratin straightening from £80
Curly perm full head from £60
Relaxer (without client’s kit) from £40
Relaxer (with client’s kit) from £45
Relaxer (Affirm products) from £65
European perm short Hair from £35
European perm long Hair from £40
Re-growth tinting / re-touch tinting includes set or blow dry from from £45
Highlights/lowlights from £45
Semi-permanent colours short hair from £40
Semi-permanent colours long or thick hair from £50
Ladies shampoo and cut from £25
Dry cut from £20
Virgin and Long Hair by consultation
Shampoo, cut & style from £30
Shampoo, cut & style with tonging from £35
Shampoo and set from £20
Shampoo, set and blow dry from £20
Shampoo, set and blow dry £15 – £25
Shampoo / blow dry from £20
Shampoo, dry and comb-out hair extensions from £20
Shampoo, blow dry & tong from £25
Wedding hair ‘do’ (£30 paid on trial day) from £85
Prices are only a guide
Prices are only a guide from £8 – £10
Shampoo and cut (under 7 girls) £10
Shampoo, cut and blow dry (under 7 girls) £12
Hair cut (boys under 8) £6
Gents gel twists from £25